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Ok, look… Zhou Mi and Han Geng are my biases. I love them both and I love them together (when they were so) I’m not going to answer questions about who I blame, who lied, who is the worst person in the world right now and OF COURSE I’m not going to bash one or another.

I think both of them have said the truth. They’re not in contact, Han Geng keeps in contact with SOME of SJ members, not Mi. I don’t want to know the reasons. It’s their private life.

Mimi would be hated for this reason or every other one because that’s the way it is, and it hurts but every mitang know that by now. But you know what? It goes the same way to Han Geng. On Korean websites and even on Weibo.

Because some fans suck. And they’re the only ones I blame right now. 

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